If you are cancelling due to an issue with accessing your account, please contact Support so we can get you signed back in! 

If you are cancelling for any other reason, we are sorry to see you go, and thank you for being a Photofy customer!

The quickest, easiest and most secure way to Cancel your Photofy Pro Subscription, is by logging in to your Photofy account at http://portal.photofy.com

In the sidebar:

-Click on Photofy Pro

-Click on Billing

Go to the main part of the screen and click on the active subscription. That will take you to your subscription details.

In the top right, click on Actions, then choose Cancel Subscription. You should receive a confirmation email that your subscription has been cancelled to the email address on file. 

You will have access to your subscription through the final date of your subscription period. 

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Here is a video tutorial of how to take care of this: Managing your Photofy Pro Subscription

NOTE: Per Photofy Terms and Conditions, payments are non-refundable. You'll need to cancel at least 48 hours prior to your renewal date to prevent any further charges from incurring.