If you have not created an account before upgrading to the new Arbonne package here: www.photofy.com/arbonne please follow the instructions below to redeem your unique coupon code BEFORE purchasing the upgrade:

1. Create an account in the Photofy App with the email option (Tap menu button in upper-left -- tap sign-in -- tap "create one!" below)

2. Restore your purchases so that the previous in-app Arbonne purchase links to your new account (tap menu button in upper-left, tap purchases, hit "restore" if you do not already see the Arbonne in-app purchase)

3. Email support@photofy.com with subject-line "Arbonne Coupon Code" and include a screenshot of your purchases tab and the email address associated with your new account.

4. The Photofy Team will add a unique coupon code to your account to you can receive $15 USD off of your upgraded Arbonne package!