A Pro Share push notification will get pushed to your subscribers devices and prompt them to share the corresponding Pro Share, or be alerted that it is available. To manage and create push notifications for a Pro Share, log-in to your Photofy Portal and follow the steps below: 

  • Select "My Pro" in the blue banner on the left hand side 
  • Select the "Galleries" tab 
  • Select "Pro-Share"
  • Select the dropdown arrow under the Pro Share you would like to manage
  • Select "Manage"
  • Select the "Push Notfications" tab
  • In the Message field enter the copy you would like in the body of the push notification.
  • Select date and time in the "Send Date/Time" field
  • Select time zone in the "Time Zone" dropdown
  • Click "Create"

Advanced Features:
  • Select the "Notification Details" tab to view and/or edit the copy and time of the push notification.
  • Select the "Advanced tab" to send a test push notification to your device. This notification will only be sent to your device and allow you to view the corresponding Pro Share

  • Make sure your users have their push notifications turned on for the Photofy App. 
  • You must schedule any push notification at least one hour before it is sent.