To upload a Pro Share, log-in to your Photofy Portal and follow the steps below: 

  •  Select "My Pro" in the blue banner on the left hand side 
  • Select the "Galleries" tab 
  • Select "Pro-Share"
  • Select the "+" icon 
  • Choose the "Image" tab
  • Click on the arrow or cloud 
  • Choose the files you would like to upload (see the "Resources" tab for additional specifications)
  •  Select "Upload" 
  • Go to "Share Channels" tab in the Pro Share management pop-up window (you must specify share channels for your subscribers to effectively use the uploaded Pro Share)

Continue to customize your Pro Share with specific share channels, corresponding copy, push notifications, availability schedules and more. Please see detailed instructions in the Pro Share section of the Photofy Support page. 

 Tip: To choose more than one overlay/background to upload at a time, hold down the control or command button on your keyboard and then begin selecting the appropriate files.