You can manage your Photofy Pro assets with the following features:

  • Active: A check mark in the Active box means that particular element or background is active in the Photofy App, uncheck the box to make the asset inactive in the app without deleting it. 
  • Sort: Manage the order that your pro assets are organized within your brand galleries in the Photofy App. (1 = first, 2 = second, etc.)
  • Hashtags: Add customized hashtags to populate in the copy of the Photofy share screen, when using that specific pro element.
  • Movable: A check mark in the Movable box means that particular element is not movable/resizable in the Photofy App, uncheck the box to make the asset size and position unlocked and adjustable. 
  • Color Lock: A check mark in the Color Lock box means that particular element color scheme is locked, uncheck the box to make the element open to color changing. 
  • Photo Icon: See the stream of photos created in Photofy using that specific element or background.
  • Save Icon: Solidify all edit or changes made to your Pro Assets, a green highlighted asset means that changes saved successfully. 
  • Trash Icon: Delete the corresponding element or background forever. This action is permanent and will require confirmation. 

Follow the steps below to manage your Pro Assets in the Photofy Portal:

  • Select "My Pro" in the blue banner on the left hand side
  • Select "Galleries" tab
  • Select "Elements" or "Backgrounds
  • Select the edit button, next to the "+" icon (looks like a pencil writing on a piece of paper)