Follow the instructions below to add subscribers to a gallery (so they can access the associated elements):

  1. Under the “My Pro” tab on the left sidebar, select the “Subscribers” tab.
  2. Select the “Invite Subscribers" button
  3. Choose to add subscribers with a single or bulk invite:
    - Single Invite: Type in the email address of the subscriber you would like to invite to that gallery
    - Bulk Invite: Upload a CSV file containing the email addresses of the subscribers you would like to invite
  4. Select the gallery or galleries you would like the subscriber added to
  5. Invited users will receive email notification alerting them that they have access to the Pro Gallery designs in the Photofy App or desktop version of Photofy
  6. Unregistered users will be prompted to register their account with the pre-filled email address and set their own password

Note: When adding subscribers, be sure to add them with the email address they are going to create their free Photofy account with. Account subscribers will simply download Photofy, and upon registration have immediate access to the elements of the gallery they have been assigned to.