Based on your Photofy Pro account, you may have access to custom designs, templates and/or pro-shares. Follow the instructions below to access your Photofy Pro designs in the Photofy App: 

Pro Designs
  • Start in the Create tab
  • Editing any photo(s) in the Photofy App 
  • Go to the Text & Overlays tab 
  • Select the Pro+ icon 
  • Browse and tap on the design you would like to apply

Pro Templates
  • Start in the Templates tab
  • Select your pro Template you would like to use
  • Tap to insert photo
  • Select the Text icon to edit text boxes
  • Select Pro+ to add additional pro designs to the template

Pro Share
  • Start in the Pro Share tab
  • Select the content you would like to share
  • Share content to desire share channels

Contact if you have any further questions on accessing your Photofy Pro content.