Logo Plus is one of the many features that differentiates Photofy as the most powerful content creation tool in the world. This amazing feature allows users to import up to 12 transparent .PNG's on one specific device and be able to apply them to photos in the Photofy App. Right now we are offering Logo+ for only $0.99 per month or $4.99 per year, and cannot wait to see the beautiful branded photos created by the Photofy community!

If you would like the ability to access, manage, upload, and apply custom logos, backgrounds, and designs using multiple devices/Photofy desktop application you would be a great candidate for a Photofy Pro account. A Photofy Pro account also gives you the ability to add users and permissions, galleries, custom hashtags, edit elements, posting calendar, custom geofilters, pro business templates and more. Please email support@photofy.com for more information.