The Photofy Watermark can be removed from all future projects created in the Photofy App by purchasing the Photofy Watermark Removal Package for only $1.99. Follow the steps below to complete this transaction:  

Before Photo Editing: 
  1. Make sure you are actively signed into your Photofy account or create an account (to ensure your purchase is saved)  
  2. Select the Shop the Marketplace icon from the home screen (top-right corner) 
  3. Search using the keyword: “Watermark” in the Search Marketplace field at the top of the screen
  4. Select the $1.99 box on the right
  5. Complete payment transaction  

 While Photo Editing:  
  1. In the Photo Editing tab, swipe the icons to the left and select the Watermark feature.  
  2. Select the none option 
  3. Select the $1.99 box
  4. Complete payment transaction  

 Now any and all future creations made while using the Photofy App will be watermark free :)