The Photofy Team is extremely excited to launch Photofy 5.0 due to its amazing new list of features, user-friendly design and continuous improvement of the great features already implemented. Please see the list below containing what is brand new with Photofy 5.0 :) 

Newest Features in Photofy 5.0
  • Photofy Templates: You have to check these out. Our talented design team has created a variety of pre-designed frames, where all you have to do is insert your photo(s), edit the text and share! To access Templates simply open Photofy, select Templates and enjoy :)
  • Photofy Geofilters: Select Capture to check them out! Based on where you are geographically you will be able to add different cities, landmarks, and other designs to your live photos! 
  • Simplified share screen, which displays a preview of the creation you are about to share.
  • Other performance upgrades

Please let us know what you think of the new features by shooting us a message to